Cervical cancer prognosis

Cervical cancer prognosis

Cervical cancer prognosis mean is that cancer curable or not , and the it has a good survival rates or not.

Prognosis of cancer cervix is changeable , and depend on various factors, which are

Cervical cancer staging : The most important factor that the cancer cervix prognosis depend on it ,

as in early stages when the cancer is confined to cervix and does not show any local or distant spread , that stage has good prognosis and it can be curable by surgical removal and so female patients have good survival rates , But in late stages specially stage 4 and to some extent stage 3 , when the cancer spread either locally in stage 3 and stage 4 a , or spread to different body organs in stage 4 b , in these stages the treatment is difficult and the patient has lower survival rates.

Histological type of cancer cervix

As in adenocarcinoma type , has a worse prognosis , that other histological types as squamous cell carcinoma

Site of cancer cervix growth

When the cancer cervix grow in endocervix ( upper cervical part ) , show worse prognosis as it give its signs and symptoms late , but when it grow in lower cervical part it has better prognosis.

Patient age and general health

In younger ages , the survival rates is higher plus the effect of treatment is better , however some guidelines says that rapid spread occurs in young ages, also in good general health the patient can face the disease more strongly which is different when she has another disease or when she has poor health.

Effectiveness of treatment

That depend on when the patient receive her treatment what ever surgical treatment or radiotherapy , and follow up f that treatment.

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