World Wide Appeal of Pocket Bike Racing

World Wide Appeal of Pocket Bike Racing


Pocket bike racing is a sport that is continuing to grown in world wide appeal. Japan is credited with the first large scale cultural interest and organization of pocket bike racing, it is no longer just a Japanese or Asian sensation. The popularity of pocket bike racing has dramatically increased throughout the world. The United States and Australia are the two most recognized places where this sport is growing rapidly.

The Swiss Pocket bike Championship is a championship that is gaining international recognition and it is held in Switzerland. Most of the highest quality racing pocket bike are manufactured in Italy, which is geographically close to Switzerland. In 1996 this championship first appeared when the Gruyere Bike Club decided to compete against all the Swiss pocket bike riders who showed. The championship has continually growth and now it has become one of the biggest in the world when compared to the nation’s size.

It is common for the championship to have over 120 competitors, with some of them coming from France, Austria and Liechtenstein. There are anywhere from a total of 64-121 races broken down between 8 to 11 races on 8 to 11 different tracks that are counted for the champions. Several categories are awarded based on gender and age of the riders and on the type of pocket bike (racing prepared, junior, and stock). Several categories are awarded based on age and gender of the pilots and on the type of pocket bike ridden (junior, stock or racing prepared).

The growth of this sport in Europe and Switzerland is a continual reflection of world wild trends. In the United States pocket bike racing has never been more popular than it is now, and it shows no signs of it diminishing. New online forums, race circuits, and pocket bike stores pop up every year, and the serious group of pocket bike junkies have grown with that number. It is not like pocket bike racing disappeared in Japan, Australia has a respectable series of races and a continual growth in the sport.

The trend continues in pocket bike racing’s increasing popularity, and seems to continue unrelenting. What was once appeared to be a strange Japanese sideshow has proven itself to be far more, and with each new race, only further strengthens its current respect.