Angels Among us By Jim Lynn

Angels Among us By Jim Lynn

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Angels Among us
By Jim Lynn

Ryan was a little boy who died from an inoperable brain tumor this past April. A couple of months before he died, Ryan was at a picnic with family and friends. During the hayride portion of that afternoon, he told his mom he could see angels at the picnic. This wasn''t unusual, because Ryan often spoke of angels.

But when the family photos from the picnic were developed, right there among the aunts and uncles and friends were white transparent spots. Ryan''s mother, Shirley Reynolds, Thought at first it had something to do with when the film was developed.

The ghostly images appeared as scattered little spots, a sort-of fish shape and one large white globe which little Ryan recognized right away.

"When he saw it, he said, ''Mom, this is why I felt so good to go on the hay ride.'' He said, ''Because right there is my guardian angel. I knew she''d be there. That''s my angel Mommy, she talks to me all the time,''" Ryan told to his mother.

Three other camera''s were also used that day, and all four recorded the same ghostly images. To add to the mystery all three cameras used different kinds of film and were developed at three different places. A fourth digital camera also recorded the same images.

Ryan Kurtz, a photographer for Cincinnati Magazine, has been developing and taking photos for 15 years. Kurtz said he was able to maybe explain away a few of the spots, but only a few.

"That could be from dirt or water on the lens. These -- I''ve never seen a shape like that as far as a reflection of a flash along with this perfect circle. You wouldn''t get a circle like that from a marking on a lens," Kurtz said.

Are these angels or did all three cameras see the same reflections in different places at different times? Ryan had no hesitation about the answer.

"He said, ''They''re my guardian angels, Mom. They are all here for me. I''m just not ready to go. They''re with me. They''ve been there since I was born,''" Ryan''s mother added.

Ryan''s story reminds us all that there is a spirit world beyond what the physical world can see or be proven
by science. Reports of people seeing angels is nothing new, but capturing the same unexplianable images on
film from so many cameras is new.

Why did this occurence happen? Was it just a fluck, reflections of light, or are there really ministering spirits who for some reason purposely allow themselves to be photographed? Skeptics will deny what their eye''s see,
but not believers like little Ryan.

While the controversy goes on, Let us all look to the miracle of life itself and to the boundless heavens above. That some should think that life stops when our heart stops beating shows how little we know about life itself. Death surely separates us physically from our loved ones, but not spiritually.

Of course science has no way of proving that humans have a spirit. But humans do not need science to know they are more than physical beings.

As both physical and spiritual beings we instinctively talk to those separated from us in physical death. We can feel their presence in our families and lives long after their departure. That there would be angelic beings assigned to watch over those of us who remain behind is a sure sign that someone unseen cares for us more than we can ever know. It also should tell us there is a power with higher authority than that found in the natural physical world.

Story source:
Ryan''s Angels